Saturday, November 28, 2009

I got my Dodge Ram!

With BYU beating Utah today it's time to tell the story behind my new dream truck! It will all make sense in a second. However, keep this note in the back of your mind: anyone who knows me and knows me well knows that I have a giant junior-high-married-girl crush on Bronco Mendenhall, the coach of BYU Football. (No, Eric does not care, he plays into it because he knows it's a joke.) During my time working at KSL I was able to see Bronco a few times as he came in to speak to the staff as well as during radio broadcasts. Let's just say I got teased a lot by coworkers about my innocent married girl crush. I digress.

I'll make a long story short. I got an '09 Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi. It's sooooo pretty. But the '09's were verrry hard to find right now, because they're rollin out the '10. I wanted an '09 because they have a lifetime powertrain warranty. The one I finally found with all the features was the l-a-s-t one on this particular lot yet wasn't in the list of their online inventory. Of course! I noticed it had two BYU decals on the windows in the back which seemed odd for a new truck but hey, I'm a fan! They called it the 'manager's demo' which meant they hadn't sold it on purpose so they could use it for sales purposes. I didn't like that too much- visions of employees driving it home for a weekend rally or all the test drivers taking it for a spin. I got over that after a few days (ahem, they let us take it home for the weekend) and we decided to buy the truck. I was so excited. Of course they gave it a complete overhaul - took the stickers off, detailed it inside and out, etc. When we were in the finance department buying the truck, the finance manager says to me,

"So, you're buying Bronco's truck, eh?"

"WHAT? You mean Bronco Mendenhall?" (I get shaky even typing his name).

"Yeah, with our BYU sponsorship we loan him the cars of his choice and he drove that for a month or two and just dropped it off the day you came in!"


Isn't she pretty!? I loved it before but now I love it that.much.more.