Thursday, November 5, 2009


Yes, I realize these photos are dark, and grainy. My Canon Rebel xti is totally messed up and won't go out of manual mode! I'm trying to get it fixed, but in the meantime, here's pictures of my cuties on Halloween I traveled over 8 hours on an airplane to take! (Aruba pics coming soon)
Jane was a witch (not just ANY witch but a darling witch) and Brandon was Ben 10. We landed at 4pm with just enough time to get home, show my parents all of our photos and get the front porch decorated for Halloween. I played a scary soundtrack through the window, and put the crabapples from the tree in a silver bucket, added food coloring and dry ice and voila - a bucket of boiling eyeballs! Gross! (bad picture on the bottom right)

The highlight of trick or treating however, was most definitely Jane's curiosity. She spent SO much time on each front porch inspecting every little decoration on their porches. The last house we visited across the street, (above) Jane was totally curious before knocking because they had a lighted skeleton in the ground. She stood there for 5 minutes pointing to it and saying 'scary' but wouldn't go to the door. Finally she did, then suddenly decides to GO RUNNING INSIDE THEIR HOUSE after seeing kids toys across the room! Keep in mind we've never been inside their house, nor do we know them. I have half of it on film until I was so embarrassed calling her to come back I turned it off. She would NOT come back! She climbed inside a giant toy car and wouldn't get out. I had to go inside and pry her screaming from the car. Of course they were gracious as I apologized, (and they were cracking up) but seriously Jane why did you run in their house uninvited! I'll definitely remember that for a long time. I might have to post the video if I can get over the embarrassment of my voice!

...and thanks to her big brothers and their super sneakiness, almost all the candy is already gone!