Monday, November 24, 2008

I wanna nann-anna!

Just in case Jane says, "I wanna nann-anna"...........she wants a Banana.

Just in case Jane says, "Buh-Buh Kaaa Pass"....she is talking about Sponge Bob Square Pants.

Noo-Noo's = noodles

i-keems = ice cream

Hmmmm, sink, sink, sink (finger pointing to brain) = Hmmmmm, think, think, think.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

cough cough cough

It's bad enough that my boys in blue lost, but all of us except Easton have been sick this past week. Monster head colds and up-all-night-coughing kinda stuff. Although I felt good enough to go to Church today my #1 pet peeve is when people go sick and cough all through Sacrament and let their kids go to Primary and Nursery with big greenies running down their face as they cough in my kids' face. So needless to say I went to Church before it started long enough to set up a table to promote the Enrichment Super Saturday and then coughed my way home. Meanwhile I felt it necessary to rid the house of every single sick germ possible. So I've been steam cleaning everything. Everything! My walls now look freshly painted, the floors sparkle and there isn't a fingerprint on any doorknob. Jane's highchair(s) and car seat look brand new. All without one chemical (ew). How? My Sargent Steam. There isn't much of anything in my house that doesn't get cleaned by this. Blinds, windows, microwave, oven, fridge, floors, countertops, cabinets, mirrors, phones, toothbrushes, on and on! Without one smelly chemical and you won't believe how great everything looks when you're done. Sparkly fresh! If you've considered a steamer and you're on the fence, do it. It's so worth it. If I remember right, they give you $50 off just by saying who referred you. So tell 'em Jana talked you into it. I even humidified and cleaned my houseplants (from a distance, of course). Pretty cool watching stuck-on yogurt evaporate and wipe off in seconds. It's total cleaning nirvana. Geez, I'm easily entertained....

Saturday, November 22, 2008

One of my favorite blogs

Here is a picture of one of the latest posts from one of my fav blogs, Bakerella. Love it!

Friday, November 21, 2008

My Grandma is a Great, Great Grandmother

For real! Not only is she a great grandma but she is a Great, Great Grandmother! Pictured (sitting) is my grandma, Janet Eldredge Hansen. She's the 5th Janet (my mom is the 6th, I'm the 7th and Jane was the 8th...who am I to break the generational chain!). My aunt Marilynn (mom's sister) is the top right, her daughter-in law Dawna on the left, her daughter Kristen in the middle and her sweet baby Olivia. Not many people even have pictures of themselves with their grandparents, not to mention their Great, Great Grandma. How cool is that?
All credit to this awesome picture goes to Mom!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Easton's 9th Grade Picture

Did I seriously just say 9th grade?

Brandon's 3rd Grade School Picture

My sweet Brandon. He really does have lips, he just smiles like he doesn't sometimes.

the dumbest question i've ever been asked

unidentified person: "hey i like your website a lot and me and my mother-in-law want to do the same thing. can you email me some tips on how i can get one just like it started?"

me: "um....(awkward pause wondering if they seriously asked that, and if the seriously think i would not be concerned with a conflict of interest)...... no."

unidentified person: "well can you give me the name of maybe some contacts you work with that can help me get started?"

me: "um, no."

unidentified person: "well can you maybe just give me one name of maybe your webmaster or something?"

me: "um, you mean my partner emily? no."

unidentified person: "well can you give me some info then on like how you at least started off?"

me: "um, no. and unless you're willing to sit at a computer almost non-stop and be awake until 2-3am for the next year and walk around like a zombie 80% of the time, i don't really recommend it."

unidentified person: "well it can't be that hard, right? i mean, it's only one thing a day!"

me: "you know what, you're the perfect person to join the ranks of my newfound competitors. "

people, that's like being male and telling a woman who is 9cm dilated with no pain meds that it looks easy and it really doesn't hurt that bad. honestly.