About Me

Welcome to my blog! I'm Jana Francis, the girl that started STEALS.com - home of babySTEALS, kidSTEALS, scrapbookSTEALS, and sheSTEALS.com. I'm a mommy of three amazing kids, and my husband is a Chiropractor. I work way too much. I love all things domestic. I live on an acre bordering a river in Salt Lake City.  I love to be outside. I love fitness (ahem- when I find time). I'm fiercely loyal. I'm sentimental. I love my friends like family. I love my family like friends. I'm completely curious about everything. I love to learn. I work extremely hard and when I have time to play, I play hard. I'm very sarcastic but intense and serious at the same time. I have a hard time holding still. I am a gatherer of people. At STEALS, I am the Owner, Founder, and President. We find products we love and do much more than review them. We buy hundreds to thousands, and distribute them to thousands of women that will love them too. I love meeting new people. I'm a Disney freak. I love traveling, experiencing new places and am particularly obsessed with Islands and beach bars. Ya, mon!

I am a live-streamer and take people with me on my journey on Periscope. Follow me to watch me live here:

You can also join one of my video discussions on Blab: https://blab.im/jana_babysteals

More about me here: http://steals.com/janafrancis

All of my best friends I've met on the Internet (true story) so connect with me!