Monday, November 3, 2008

the dumbest question i've ever been asked

unidentified person: "hey i like your website a lot and me and my mother-in-law want to do the same thing. can you email me some tips on how i can get one just like it started?"

me: "um....(awkward pause wondering if they seriously asked that, and if the seriously think i would not be concerned with a conflict of interest)...... no."

unidentified person: "well can you give me the name of maybe some contacts you work with that can help me get started?"

me: "um, no."

unidentified person: "well can you maybe just give me one name of maybe your webmaster or something?"

me: "um, you mean my partner emily? no."

unidentified person: "well can you give me some info then on like how you at least started off?"

me: "um, no. and unless you're willing to sit at a computer almost non-stop and be awake until 2-3am for the next year and walk around like a zombie 80% of the time, i don't really recommend it."

unidentified person: "well it can't be that hard, right? i mean, it's only one thing a day!"

me: "you know what, you're the perfect person to join the ranks of my newfound competitors. "

people, that's like being male and telling a woman who is 9cm dilated with no pain meds that it looks easy and it really doesn't hurt that bad. honestly.