Thursday, May 1, 2008

I Need a Vacation!

Day 3- I've been meaning and meaning to post updates on BabySteals, but I'm very sleep deprived and have minute brain capacity. For a business update, go here:

For a kid update, here's what's up:

Baby Jane:
  • Princess Baby Jane turns TWO tomorrow! How, may I ask, did that happen? I'm literally tearing up just thinking about it. More on my reflections on her tomorrow. I'm taking the day off from KSL to have a special day with her. We're going to get her haircut and maybe a photo shoot at my mom's. (I haven't asked you yet Mom, is that ok? Or maybe Saturday) We're having her birthday party Strawberry Shortcake style tomorrow night at 7pm. Everyone is invited!
  • Jane was picked among lots of awesome baby signers to film for the next series of Baby Signing Time! See the video bar below for some of our outtakes from her audition videos, as well as the one we finally had to use because she wasn't in a signing mood when we were shooting the original audition footage.
  • Right after being chosen to film for this, Jane fell on the tile and chipped a good part of her front left tooth off at an angle! It was so heartbreaking because she was in a lot of pain. We of course took her immediately to our dentist who immediately referred us to a pediatric dentist who tried to fix it right then. Unfortunately she screamed uncontrollably and would not hold still even a little. They told us the only way was to take her to Primary Children's on their allocated surgery date, and have her put under for the procedure. Knowing it was our only option we booked the date but I was sick about it. Day after day it didn't feel right so the day before I chickened out and cancelled it. I couldn't bare to have her 'put under' to fix a tooth. We scheduled another attempt for Tuesday to try again at the pediatric dentist. We made very sure she was exhausted before and would be totally asleep. She was completely asleep for the beginning and we were sure it would work. The dentist even did. About 25% into it she jolted awake and freaked. Failed miserably - we'll try again in 2 months. Poor thing.

  • Brandon is playing Taylorsville Baseball with boys from our neighborhood. Boy can that child hit a ball! At his game last night he came about 1 inch from catching a hit right above third.
  • He's upset today because most of the kids in his school are going to Hollywood Connection for a work completion reward. He can't go because there was one assignment he forgot to turn in. I feel for him today because he is devastated. I almost kept him home this morning from school in protest but wasn't sure that would send him the right message about responsibility.
  • Brandon is loving skateboarding and has some natural talent. He is very coordinated and gets very excited when he masters a new trick!
  • Easton is completely obsessed right now with two things:
    • building and rebuilding skateboards, and like Brandon, mastering new tricks.
    • Solving Rubix cubes. With his eyes closed and his arms in the air. Literally.
  • I can't believe he is an 8th grader and is almost done with school this year. The kid is way taller than me and has the thickest arms. He has a body just like his dad.
  • Everyone confuses Easton and Eric's voice now. They can pose as each other on the phone easily and consistently trick people. Be skeptical if you call.