Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Jane's Debut

Jane today after sidewalk chalk, spaghetti, and putting dress shoes on backwards.

Before I start this story, keep in mind the three things Jane absolutely does not like are: baby food, highchairs, and bibs.

Today and yesterday Jane filmed for the upcoming DVD's of Baby Signing Time. If you've read my blog you know how much we brag about her signing. She knows too many to count! So on the big day, when it's time to shine, what do you think she does? A signing strike. Yep, no signs. "Jane, sign Apple." Usually, she proudly displays the sign. Today, nothing. Nothing but a "NO!"

Allow me to rewind. Yesterday for the first shoot Audria and I made sure she was very full and not hungry at all so she wouldn't be cranky. When we got to the beautiful home where they were filming at, they mentioned that Jane was going to display some food signs today, in a high chair eating baby food with a bib on. Ah-oh- quadruple whammy. She's full, hates highchairs, baby food, and bibs. I kept a good attitude because you never know how 2-year olds will react in different settings. But I was nervous. After Marcus got her outfit all perfectly straightened and darling, (she looked sooooo cute) they filmed me putting her in the highchair. She didn't complain too much and I was relieved. We opened the baby food and they were filming her hopefully eating and signing "pears". Nope. She played with it, but refused to put the spoon to her mouth. When I tried feeding her, same thing. Since it wasn't her idea, it was bad. Very bad. Quickly the bib flew off across the room with a "No!" Not a crying no, just a very commanding "dream on, I refuse to wear this NO". She wasn't freaking out or having a tantrum, she just wasn't cool with doing things our way. Strange lights, strange house, strange big cameras, strange 5 guys looking at her, so what can I expect? Day after day of filming babies, they are loaded with patience and experience on how to get them to do things for them. All in all she did ok, she just didn't want to do things the director's way. They did get some great footage up in a kids' bedroom (where they followed her to) of her playing with some toys and signing 'game'.
Also some footage of her on a couch playing with a 'telephone'.

Today, it was the green screen day. She looked so incredibly cute and Marcus got her outfit all perfect and straight. When it was her turn to go back, she seemed very happy to walk back there, she even said "Cool Dude" and "Okie Dokie". Enter dark room with huge lights and a big green screen and floor, and the same 5 guys looking at her. Hmmmm. At first she was pretty enthralled by seeing herself on the teleprompter with the Baby Signing Time background. She could immediately recognize what was going on. But the first request to sit on a bench and show us as sign was met with a "No", and she walked out. I quickly grabbed her and put her back but she wanted out. Once we realized she wasn't in the mood to perform we gave her a while and let other kids go. I tried everything to get her to realize the green room wasn't bad, even watching the other kids behind the glass. On the last attempt about an hour later she did sit on the bench for us without running out, but no signs. Notta one. She just wanted to watch Rachel on the teleprompter. Luckily they had her do some contextual shots by holding different fruit and balloons and they got some cute shots that way. Sigh - movie star diva!