Friday, September 21, 2007

AST Dew Tour Sick Tricks

Easton's pretty pumped right now, he got to spend the day getting his skate on at the AST Dew Tour Outdoor Festival and got to meet his skateboarding homies like:

Ryan Sheckler


Bob Burnquist

...and watch sick BMX tricks.

He also got to skate away in the Interactive Skate Park and hang out with Uncle Justy who got him in.
Not to mention watch the BMX Dirt Finals from the best seat in the house, the window from my office at KSL in the 4th floor of the Triad that has a full view to the East. It's been hard for me to concentrate at work the last few days with constant loud music and BMX and FMX Motocross crazy dudes pulling stunts so high and crazy you can't believe your eyes. (ok it's been freakin awesome).

They're going back tomorrow because they've got tickets to the Skate finals. Brandon is going to love it. Sweet.

What an awesome event. It was a total throwback to the Olympics - having that parking lot East of the Triad transformed into something so awesome and the streets all around it closed for outdoor villages. Insiders tell me that it's sold more tickets already this year than ever before. Who knew there were so many BMX/FMX/Skate fans in Salt Lake.