Thursday, October 11, 2007

Baby Jane makes her on-stage and radio debut!

.....ok, so it sounds a lot bigger than it was. I've been involved lately with the Signing Time Live! Concert that was here in Utah on 10/8. Jane was able to be onstage as a Brown Turkey in Leah's Farm. Boy those brown eyes look SO adorable in brown! The cutest thing ever was during the performance, she got as excited as I've ever seen her when she looked out into the audience and saw Daddy, Brothers, Hannah, Palmer, Auntie, Abby and Ryan waving at her! (see second video below!) She squealed with so much excitement! More than when she saw Hopkins the frog onstage during the dress rehearsals! It was a fantastic show.

Her other favorite moment? Seeing Rachel, Alex and Leah backstage!

As far as her radio debut!? Once you click the link below, make sure to click 'Audio' in the middle of the page and listen to the Kid Stuff Feature that airs on my station KSL NewsRadio. Pay particular to the baby jibberjabber in the background. Take a listen!