Thursday, September 20, 2007


Well Easton being 13, is starting to get a bit 'snippy' if you'd call it that. Aaah what happened to the days when he was 6 playing racecar in a bicycle helmet and fake goggles. Suddenly he's a teenager with 'tude. Seems like the smallest thing can set them off. The most recent because I won't spend another $50 bucks on yet another set of 'trucks' for his skateboard because everyone is making fun of the ones he has. Or like last night, when I said, "Do you have homework?" "Not really," he replied. "Well, no.... sort of, well.. kind of, well... maybe." "Easton," I said, "It's either a yes, or a no. Black and white. So give me a yes, or a no. Again I ask, do you have homework?" "Sort of," he replied.
Oh, they grow so fast. All in all he's still a pretty good kid. I hear boys are way easier as teens than girls. Yikes. When I was pregnant with Jane and found out she was a girl, a coworker said, "Congratulations! At least for the next 12 years, that is!"
I suppose I deserve it, I remember giving my mom a whole load of attitude. I wasn't necessarily a bad kid, just had a lot of 'tude. So I suppose what goes around comes around. (Awesome song BTW)
For now I'll chalk it up to hormones. It must be, because last night Easton also said, "I sure hope in heaven there is a whole lot of Teriyaki sauce!" Whatever that means.