Friday, September 21, 2007

One of these days....

Sometimes I wonder when I'll have time to do the small things. Like sit outside on the deck on a Sunday morning casually reading the paper. Or peacefully strolling through my garden snipping off the spent flowers and cutting the prime ones for an indoor boquet. Or maybe sitting outside an Einstein's Bagles chatting and relaxing with a friend. Or having friends over on a Saturday night to scrapbook family vacation photos, my main worry being which color paper I should put behind the best photo.

Sh-yeah, rrrright.

Instead, it's one thing to the next constantly, without a second to spare in between. Reminds me of yesterday. Without boring you about my crazy day at work, just know it was so intense and crazy that at one point I was running through the hall to get to my next meeting in time. The evening? Well, Brandon had a Baseball game at 6, Eric took him there because I was busy dropping off Easton to his Murray Chamber meeting at 6:30. Then I raced to Brandon's baseball game, caught the last few minutes of that. We had to pull him out early because we had to be at his Parent Teacher conference at 7pm. We met there in our separate cars and then at 7:30 Eric left to get Easton from his meeting to take him straight to his volleyball game at 7:30 of which he was 15 minutes late to. I raced with Jane to pick up everyone some dinner to eat in the car before we went in to Easton's game. Figured I'd support a client and went to Iceberg, it was the closest anyway, texted in to our text messaging system for my coupon (for yours just text ICEBERG to 57500 for 10% off!). Raced to Easton's volleyball game, we scarfed down our food in the car and ran inside to watch the remainder of his game. Home at about 8:30, barely enough time for homework, baths and all the other millions of things that have to happen in the evening. Phew. Haven't been home in over 12 hours. I'm tired and mentally exhausted but that's when it's most important to take a deep breath and get your second wind. Gotta focus on my REAL job, which is the family and keeping an organized household. I wouldn't mind the crazy evenings near as much if I wasn't completely absent from my real life at work all day.

I'll get to those vacation photos one of these days. For now they sit inside a costco envelope on my dresser and I reluctantly glare at them every time I walk by as they tug at me to say "scrapbook me! Or at least put me in an album!" Maybe I'll stay up extra late on Saturday night and do that.

Not if I want to wake up early and read the paper on Sunday morning!