Sunday, October 18, 2009

A surprise visit to one of our biggest fans!

Kristen and I made a surprise visit today to Primary Children's hospital to visit Jess Bowman, one of our best customers and biggest fans from Idaho that we’ve never met in person. On Thursday she delivered a baby here in Utah because her baby has complex congenital heart defects and at Primary Childrens there are specialists. Before she knew what she was having, she was buying lots and lots of Babysteals and would buy both boy AND girl colors. Then she found out it was a girl and sold all of her boy stuff. Well, turns out it was a BOY! We’re hoping we can help exchange some of that PINK she has to blue.

Kristen and I met at the warehouse to pick out a few steals we knew she would want (and need) that were BLUE that she missed out on while she was in the hospital (the Mally Bibs and aden+anais sleep sack!) I made a card (yes, you heard me, made a card, even with cute little metal baby feet on the front!) and we were off. We had a tough time finding her at the hospital because she was already discharged but then made our way to Primary Childrens. Lucky enough, right as we found the NICU area and walked in to the lobby, we saw what we thought was her and her husband walking back into the NICU (remember, neither of us had ever even met Jess, only through facebook photos!). She looked at us for a second and we both knew! "Is that you, Jess?" "Jana?!!" I could tell she had been crying and of course that made both me and Kristen cry. We gave her huge hugs and could feel her sadness. They had just received tough news on their sweet baby boy and his condition. It was tough to find the words to share but we listened and tried not to cry our eyes out. I'll leave Jess's blog to the true details, but we are praying her sweet baby boy will be ok. Jess is so strong and has such a true faith and knowledge in Heavenly Father's plan. Even though it was a quick visit, it was perfect timing as she was taking her sister back into the NICU to see her baby and thirty seconds later we would have missed her. It was so wonderful meeting her in person and I hope the quick visit lifted her spirits.

I posted it on the BabySteals blog before we left, and was surprised to read the fun comments from moms on there and our Facebook wall. I know this alone will make Jess happy, especially because she is a super fan and the other moms will be able to send virtual support and prayers her way also. HUGS, Jess!