Sunday, October 4, 2009

Random post!

Busy is the best way to describe my life lately! Just when I think I'm the busiest I've ever been, I get busier. However, more than ever we are taking time to have fun and play hard when we have the opportunity. But you can pretty much guess that at any point in the day outside of normal taking-care-of-kids-and-house responsibilities, I'm either working, or working out. We have always been pretty healthy around here and exercise has always been a part of the mix. But this summer we have put a huge emphasis on exercise, and Eric and I have been working out at least one hour per day, 6 days a week. More on that later. For now, a few quick photos of the kids.
Easton and Eric last weekend, on an overnight scout camp/hike to Cecret Lake, to complete a few certifications for his merit badges.

Brandon last night at Gardner Village. It's so fun this time of year.

Jane, twirling in her new dress I picked up in Vegas from Twirls and Twigs. I can't handle the cuteness.
Sorry for the randomness, I have lots to upate and post on soon. I hope all of you reading this (does anyone even read this?) has a wonderful week!