Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Neighbor Gifts = Reindeer Food (really)

This year our neighbors with kids are getting Reindeer Food:Basically Oatmeal and Glitter. I used baby food jars I saved, painted the lids with silver acrylic paint and used a holiday rub-on. The tag says:

Magic Reindeer Dust
Come December 24th, as Santa flies here from the North
Here's what you do, it isn't hard~
Just sprinkle this stuff in your yard...
The sparkles draw old Santa near
and oats attract his 8 reindeer...
Then just you wait~they're on their way
P.S. Happy Holiday!

I made this for Brandon last year and he was so excited to sprinkle it in the snow on Christmas Eve.

I'll save the words Eric used in the spring from the glitter still on the grass..LOL