Sunday, January 13, 2008

It was an Egg-cident Mom!

You know the picture your mom has of you, (or you have of your child) proudly sitting on the bathroom floor with a whole toilet paper roll unwound? Or maybe it's sitting on the kitchen floor with 8 new bananas opened and smashed into the floor. (Both of which, Easton did as a toddler!) Well, everyone has those moments with their toddlers, and last night was mine with Jane. I was making lemon bars for Eric (his favorite dessert) and had just pulled out my eggs. I turned to grab a lemon, and.....CRACK! I turn around, and that's what I saw! Yep, Jane had quickly grabbed the 18 carton of Omega-3 Brown Eggs from Oakdell Farms and dumped it on the floor! My first instinct was to quickly start cleaning it up but I knew that although it wasn't funny right that second, it sure would be when she was 16. So, I raced downstairs to grab the camera and thought I'd share! And yes, I was able to salvage 3 of them - just enough for the recipe!