Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The 90/10 Rule, Happy 20 and 2008!

I had (another) Dr. appointment this afternoon. Can you say ouch? Without getting too graphic, he had to pull out the surgical scissors and cut some of the old skin and stitches that are separating from the new skin that is slowly forming underneath all the injured areas. This is on my index finger; my middle finger is still too icky to touch. I wanted to be the usual tough girl, but holy cow feeling someone pry sharp metal underneath a huge sore scab and baby sensitive skin and try to separate the two does not feel good! I seriously flinched so hard Eric and the Dr. started to laugh! I started to laugh too and was like, is this REALLY necessary? I mean come ON it will come off on it's own when it's ready, right? Well turns out it really wasn't ready but it was too late so he just cut off part of it. Now on top of everything else I have a chunk of raw skin on my index finger and can see the holes where the stitches were and it's throbbing and stinging so bad I want to scream! Why am I writing all this with my tired left hand? No one wants to read the details of my personal pity party! I just get frustrated after my Dr. appointments - partly because it flares up the pain but also because it makes me face the reality of what happened. BUT...Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% what you do about it. So I'm trying my best to stay positive and do everything extra I can research and think of that speeds healing. I'm even taking these 'magic' herbs (no, not that one, never tried that for the record...) and using a 'magic' cream that supposedly is pretty amazing at how it can help regenerate tissue and stuff...if you know much about herbs you're probably thinking, "I hope it's Dr. Christopher's BF&C...) yes, it is! I'm also still searching for the meaning or message in all of this. If you have any thoughts, by all means let me know. In the meantime, Happy 20-months old to Jane today! She is such a sweet and cute princess and we are so incredibly lucky to have her!