Friday, March 9, 2012

Potty Time by Signing Time

Have you *seen* the latest release by the creators of Signing Time yet? In my opinion the best dvd for toddlers to be released in a long time, Potty Time! I promise I'm not biased because my adorable sweet daughter Jane is in it. But, she seriously she's so cute in it. Check her out right at the beginning at :05.

And don't think I'm biased because Rachel is my dearest friend. It's because it's a positive, playful reinforcement for toddlers (and let's face it...parents!) on potty training. It's because the songs are catchy, fun, and worthy of singing during many daily occasions like Jane's favorite, "Let's Celebrate!"

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It's because it gets toddlers and parents on the same positive page about potty training. It's because it gives toddlers the tools (and signs) to communicate with parents and listen to their amazing bodies. It's because its entertaining yet educational television with a purpose.

It's because it can change the feeling around potty training for hundreds of thousands (and I am sure eventually, millions) of families worldwide. So, if you're approaching the potty training phase, don't even hesitate! You'll be glad you did.