Thursday, July 16, 2009

4th of July Pics

I heart the 4th of July! When I was a kid, we were in the Murray parade because my dad was a volunteer Fireman. We would ride in the truck and throw candy out to the other kids. This year, with my kids at that same parade, I had to get the picture of the Murray firetruck passing.

We had a busy but fun day. Easton was working with the Murray Youth Chamber of Commerce, and walked the entire parade route passing out flags. Then he worked at Murray Park at a booth putting tattoos on kids all morning and afternoon!

I'd bother giving you the Jello recipe for the dessert above, but it was way more work than it was worth. I also did Pioneer woman's Jalapeno Bacon wraps.....oh wow. We did the traditional BBQ at my Grandma's and watched the Murray fireworks from her lawn. The kids had a great day!