Friday, April 10, 2009

What I'm REALLY thinking...

Ok folks, I have a decision to make. Either no more blogging, or making my blog private, or continuing with the stuff people don't read. I know! I'm totally pulling a TAMN, but seeeeeriously. I can't say the things I really want to, (business-wise, because of stupid-slimy-copycat-stalkers that peer into my life and try to do everything I do <---hey I said what I really wanted to there, didn't I!) OR just continue to write about generic things that are happening in my life. But then I there a point? Because I'm not thinking people that actually mean something to me (Friends/Family/website Fans) read this. If you do, let me know. (comment) If people actually read this, it's worth putting effort into. If not, I'll make it private, say what I'm really thinking, then I'll know who is actually reading this and not let in the copycats of my business. If you're a copycat to my website that I won't mention so it doesn't show up in search rankings, GO AWAY I HATE YOU WITH A SERIOUS PASSION!!!!!!! and you may as well give up because I'm kicking your a$$.

Sound like a 2-year old, don't I?
Well, f'rills. (Utah, for "for reals").

Ok now friends and family and fans, you don't know this but I have about 10 draft posts I've written over the last 6-8 months that I have never posted. Mostly because of that very reason mentioned- I'm paranoid because it seems like any "new" idea or thought of mine that I implement gets pirated and used by measley followers that do whatever Emily and I do, a few days/weeks behind.
"Imitation is the greatest form of flattery"
is a bunch of BS!!!!

So, F&F&F, (friends/fam/fans) if you want more "adventures in our life" pls tell me so!