Tuesday, April 14, 2009

not making me happy

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a few things not making me happy today:

-people that speed in residential areas {ahem mr. blue toyota corolla that lives approximately four doors down that thinks because you said your prayers that morning that the heavens lie down a protective shield around your car that keeps you from near-killing children innocently playing near the road when you speed next time i catch you, you'll be the victim of my complete freakout in your face and it won't be pretty}

-days that i literally work from the moment i open my eyes and turn on my laptop until the moment i get into bed closing my laptop {ok, pretty much every day}

-when people don't do what they say they are going to do

-when people do what they don't say they are going to do. such as when they ask you 2,344,122 questions about your business because they want you to sell the "product" of the company they work for and you really want to sell it too, but see they are actually only asking because now that you got them all excited about your businees they secretly decided to copy your business outside of the company they work for and decided not to share this with you as they continued to ask the questions for months because they wanted all the 'inside secrets' they could get so they could get started. it's actually called tortuous interference, so when it happens to you, you can be like, hey jana told me that. and you can totally sue them and i highly suggest you do. oh and little missy if you're reading this i'm tooootally gonna win!