Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy 15th Birthday Easton

I can't believe this boy is 15. He is a great kid. Loves school, music, friends, FOOD and is a great brother (most of the time). He is a fantastic clarinet and piano player and practices all (repeat, ALL) the time. He is the fastest texter on the planet and looooves technology a.k.a how to hack into people's wifi (can't believe I'm admitting that) on his iTouch, messing around with computers and video games, and more video games. As we speak he is listening to music on his iTouch, playing the PS3 and texting friends with his left hand to join him for laser tag today. I'm going to go make him his breakfast requests....lemon crepes and apple/carrot juice! Tonight we're going to take him to his favorite restaurant (that is sadly closing tonight) TGI Friday's. Aunt Sara and Uncle Brock work there and this is their last night working. So sad but it will be fun to celebrate his birthday there (again...we ate there Thursday night and they sang to him!)