Sunday, February 22, 2009

NieNie Dialogues

If you're ever feeling sorry for yourself, don't. Read NieNie's blog, and you'll feel guilty you ever had a moment of frustration in whatever situation you're dealing with. A fellow Utahn and Mormon, she is an amazing example of strength and faith. Her and her husband were critically injured in a plane crash in August last year, and she is just now back to blogging while still in the midst of her slow and painful recovery. I can relate in a very small way to her situation, after my terrifying accident on my hand in December of '07. Still to this moment every time I move my finger or touch it on something, it hurts. Not terribly, but it's there. And it's hard not to move your finger. Especially with my job. And it's cold all the time. Freezing, in fact. But NieNie's blog makes having the top of your fingers shredded off with a power saw feel like a paper cut. And once you get hooked on her blog which I know you will, you can add this button also:

You can also follow her recovery here.