Friday, February 20, 2009

Just Me and my 2 Little Chicks

You may have noticed Stephanie's blog on my blog roll below- called Just Me and my 2 Little Chicks. Stephanie is awesome, and I'm completely hooked on her blog. She is a BabySteals customer and that is how I met her! She has the cutest Texan accent ever and her girls are completely darling. Her husband Jimmy has been serving in Afghanistan and has missed the majority of their two little girl's lives. But today, he's coming home for a 2-week R&R! I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to see the reunion photos. Stephanie is a great photographer, a gifted scrapbooker and totally into vintage stuff like me (although I rarely blog about it). Stephanie has a way to blog the day-to-day events of live in an emotional, creative and exciting way. Half the time I end up missing her husband as much as she does! LOL I can't wait to meet her sometime. Anyway, check it out: Just Me and my 2 Little Chicks