Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Don't Mess with Texas

My mother-in law was robbed at the Walmart in Murray last week. Two chicks sped up to her as she was loading her groceries into her car, leaned out the window, grabbed her purse and sped off with it. She's left with no phone, no keys, no wallet, etc etc. She chased after them, even stepped in front of the car at one point and long story short she got their license plate number. Which in turn led the cops to her house which led to her arrest 2 hours later. In which time they had already gone to her bank, used her ID to cash checks and get over $900 out of her account (SHAME ON YOU WASHINGTON MUTUAL!)

She got her purse back, but only after they stole the cash she had, took her dayplanner, got money out of her bank, and put crack-cocaine and KNIVES and car-theft paraphernalia inside of her purse. Oh and lots of other women's identities that they had recently stolen. Which led police to busting a much larger theft ring. Well, they screwed with the wrong chick. Which inevitably led to them screwing with another wrong chick (me.)

Before I get to the point here's my new #1 reason I HATE WALMART: The police officer told my mother-in law that over 1,200, yes I said one thousand two hundred, theft incidences have happened at that Walmart alone in the last year and a half. Um, that's like over two incidences a DAY! At one store! He said they're unresponsive, and unwilling to help solve the cases, EVEN when it involves inventory from their own store. Needless to say he doesn't let his wife or family shop at ANY Walmart. I hate you Walmart. Seriously, you're a big fat jerk that cares about nothing but yourself. You remind me of Jabba the Hut. Slobber and slime and all. I'll save the other reasons I hate Walmart for another blog.

I was really ticked about all of this. That this girl could do this over and over and rarely get caught.

That's where it's handy that I work for the largest media property in the Intermountain West and the biggest local media website in the nation.

Groceries from Walmart : $25. Cash stolen from your purse: $220. Seeing that b!tch's mug shot plastered on KSL TV and ksl.com: PRICELESS!