Saturday, July 12, 2008

Jane's 2nd Birthday

I know, it was way back on May 2nd and I kept thinking I couldn't possibly post the pictures without writing about her birthday. Since my life has been crazy hectic since then, I decided to post a few cute pics and blog later. I have the cutest little girl in the world!

In the meantime, these pictures are self explanatory about a scary but funny thing that happened. Jane blew out her candle so cute but of course everyone wanted the perfect picture, so we had to do round 2. The second time around, she blew out the candle, I thought! Instead her whiff of air missed and since I was behind her I couldn't tell. Within milliseconds everyone was cringing and it turns out instead of blowing out the candle, she singed all some hair on her upperlip and nose. People thought it was pretty funny but scary because she could have burned her mouth pretty bad! She didn't seem to complain though! Scroll down to view the animation:

Oh, perfect, Jane! Try again!