Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy 8th Birthday Sweet Brandon!

Brandon's Favorite Things on his 8th Birthday:
Color- Black and Blue. Because they are cool colors.
Food- Cookies, Broccoli, Corn, Apples and Peaches. Because they're good for you, except the cookies.
Toy- My Pokemon Cards. Because they help people sound out words and help make them good readers.
TV Show- Skunk-fu and Johnny Test. Because there is a skunk in it and Johnny Test because there are more inventions than any other TV show.
Movie- The Little Rascals. Because it's funny.
Friend- Ryan and Palmer my cousins. Because they are nice and friendly.
Sport- Skateboarding, Soccer, Golf, Fishing and running around the thing over at the High School.
Memory- Over at Greys River when I caught my 15" Cutthroat Trout.
Video Game- Guitar Hero III. Because I am on expert.
Pokemon- Empoleon. Because he is a Level X card and I got it from Palmer.
Vacation- Denver, (because there is a swimming pool) Greys River (because nature is all around it) and Disneyland (because there is rides and cartoon people like Buzz Lightyear and my favorite ride is Space Mountain and Splash Mountain.)
Restaurant- TGI Friday's. Because my aunt Sara and uncle Brock work there.
Other Favorite Things: Riding my KTM 50 Motorcycle, Greys River, computer games.
Why I'm excited I'm 8: Because I get to be a member of the Church and I get to be in Scouts and I get to be a Deacon one day.