Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sharing the Love

So many of you tell me that you're hooked on http://www.babysteals.com/! I'm glad - that was the point. Now I am going to get you hooked on two other sites that I love. They are one-deal-at-a-time sites operated by backcountry.com.
First of all, my fav. http://www.whiskeymilitia.com/. Don't judge it by it's name, fellow Mormon readers. I spend almost as much money at this site as I do at Costco. It's ridiculous. Just over the weekend alone I scored a great Nixon watch (just a little different than the other Nixon watch I bought the day after Christmas) a Volcom swimsuit, Vans skate shoes for Easton and some super-cute Volcom shorts (EMILY M- that 'super' was exclusively for you. I really don't mean it. No one else will understand this but Emily. Maybe Rett will read between the lines but that's it).
Another - http://www.steepandcheap.com/. Operated by the same company as WhiskeyMilitia, it's a less-punk version but still great stuff. I could ramble on about an amazing story I have regarding my connection here but I'll save you the read, anyone reading this blog that knows me knows the great story. If you don't have a clue what I'm talking about, ask me.

Finally, http://www.woot.com/. BabySteals.com is commonly referred to as Woot for babies or SteepandCheap for babies. Woot is a deal-of-the-day site for electronics. Stands for 'want one of those'. By far the first DOD site, the biggest DOD site, and if you ever want a great laugh, go just to read the descriptions. Hilarious. I rarely buy from this site (wrong demo) but go for the entertainment factor, just like 250,000 other people that go right at midnight when they switch product for the day. That's why I switch BabySteals product at 9am - I don't want moms staying up that late just to get a deal!

Alright, there it is. I figured if I want people to continually share BabySteals.com with their friends, I better up the karma and spill the beans about my 2nd and 3rd favorite sites. I better run - Whiskey just posted a really hot Burton shirt!