Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Coincidence or meant to be?

The past few weeks it seems like every day some kind of interesting coincidence happens to me. Today was no exception.

Rewind to last weekend. I was thinking about one of my childhood best friends as a little girl in my old neighborhood in Murray. Her name was Kara and she lived about 3 houses up from me. I remember countless sleepovers, bike rides, rollerskating, barbies, singing on cassette tapes along with Olivia Newton John, and matching ponytails with long braids. Growing up into junior high, crushes on boys, exchanging cute notes on fancy notebook paper, (I still have them!) long braids turn into short (awful) 80's hairdos, jelly bracelets and fluorescent sweaters. We moved to Park City when I turned 13 and we eventually lost touch. I have always wondered what Kara was up to, and last weekend for some reason searched on the Internet for her. Nothing. Not in myspace, facebook,, google, nothing. That night we were shopping at Ikea and I thought I saw her older sister. I looked at this lady for a minute and realized it wasn't her but still wondered about Kara and if I'd ever catch up with her somehow.

Fast forward to today. I was about 15 minutes early for a business appointment and needed to kill a little time (WHEN does that happen? Never!) I figured I'd drive to a nearby store and walk around for a few minutes. There were plenty around that looked tempting but for some very odd reason I went into DollarTree. Let me add I rarely go there, maybe 2 or 3 times a year. I knew I wouldn't buy anything so I didn't even bring in my purse. Just walked in with a business suit on, looking strangely overdressed. I quickly paroozed a few aisles and figured I'd get to my appointment. I wondered why I even bothered. On my way out, in the corner of my eye I looked at a girl gazing at some Easter things. I stopped in my tracks and stared right at her. She turned and looked at me and..."KARA!?" "JANA!?" OH MY GOSH!

Yep, it was her. And she looked exactly the same! She's lived in Washington since after High School and doesn't have the Internet at her house (no wonder I couldn't find her) and just moved back to Utah 2 months ago!

I really wish I would have taken a picture with my phone so I could post it.

Definitely the coolest thing that's happened to me in a long time. Needless to say, I was late for my appointment.