Thursday, November 18, 2010

i met brandon flowers

HOLY CRAP! Did you HEAR ME? Yes, I said I met Brandon Flowers. omg. He's the lead singer of my favorite band of all time The Killers. I really typed that. It must have really happened. I stood in 2nd row with Rachel at his concert. I can't 'out' my connection but long story short, after the concert the next thing I knew we were backstage talking with Ronnie (drummer for The Killers who is so completely cool), rode an elevator with the band upstairs to the backstage meet & greet (including Brandon-I almost died). I sound like a teenager. That's ok. Really I was very calm, composed, reserved and professional. Not sure where that came from.

But really.......he's my absolute favorite musician of all time. Because his lyrics are unbelievable and have this crazy symbolism that has more meaning and relevance to my life than I dare describe here. This video may have a few clues. I'm not going to get started because I could talk all day about every song, album, meaning of every lyric, videos, history of the band, etc. Pathetic, I know. I even flew to Las Vegas in August to see his first concert of his solo tour. I won't embarrass myself at how much I had to pay a scalper on craigslist to get tickets. That's ok.
Although I could never pick my favorite Killer's song or album (that's like asking me to pick my favorite kid) you're missing the musical boat if you haven't paid attention to The Killers. If you don't think you know who they are, start here and you'll quickly remember. But it's not just me - the whole family loves The Killers. It's a requirement of living in this house. Even Jane loves them.
This sign may or may not be hanging in my office.

Anyway - the moral of the story is - I met Brandon Flowers. Check.