Monday, May 31, 2010

What did you do this holiday weekend?

Knock, this thing on? Yeah, it's been fo-ev since I've posted, mainly because - well, I always put work before my real life (that must change, don't you think?) and second? I also blog here and here!
Tonight a friend asked me, "What did you do this weekend?" My first thought was to respond with how I was feeling, which was that I really didn't quite accomplish all I was set out to do and quite frankly, felt a bit like a failure. UNTIL I decided to answer her question literally, by just sticking to the facts. Here they are:
Friday night: worked (to get ready for a 3 day sale!), and finally took the kids to Fro-gurt at 10 at night. Worked again when I got home- fell asleep in front of a spreadsheet at my computer at 1:30am.
Saturday: Worked. Eric brought me and the kids Einstein's (my Saturday morning fav!)
Took Brandon to a garage sale and to get an Iris garden tour by a 90-year old Iris collecter. I'll be writing a post about this, as it was pretty darn special.
Planted all of my container pots in the garden.
Dug up mint plants in my tropical garden that are completely taking over!
Deadheaded the garden.
Planted several packs of annuals.
Cut Easton's hair into a faux hawk (yes, I am THAT kind of mom. It looks awesome BTW. Cut me a break it's his last week of school!)
Right after cleaning up the crazy mess (and showering) after cutting Easton's hair, I got a call from Rett (my business partner, the other owner of Steal Network). He asked what I was up to and I said just working around the house. So he said "I'll be there in 30 minutes, can Easton watch your kids?" Uhhhhhh.....SURE. I had to bribe Easton, but I knew Rett must have had something super cool up his sleeve. Well, BOY did he ever! The doorbell rings and I hear Eric yelling, "NO WAY"! I couldn't possibly imagine what was going on. To my surprise, there was Rett, his wife Christine, and Emily (known to BS fans as Emily K) and her husband Ted in an Excursion LIMO! Off we went for a surprise night on the town! Tuscany for dinner (SO amazing- and uhhh, the menu lights up. I was totally impressed by that, HA!) and downtown dancing (ahem......booty shakin)! What a FUN surprise night!
The rest of the weekend in a nutshell:
Work- caught up on a ton of emails but still somehow, seemingly have thousands to go.
Eric and Easton helped my sister and her BF Brock move into their first home! Congrats Brock and Sara!
Thinned my peach tree (you pick off about half the fruit on the tree, spacing them out as evenly as possible for bigger, more healthy fruit!) This took what seemed like forever!
Planted even more plants, cut Brandon's hair (not like his brother's, don't worry)
Downloaded 800 photos on to 2 different computers
Made lots and lots of fresh guacamole.- and ate it ALL.
Got a facial at Gardner Village
Powerwashed almost everything known to man including the garage, driveway, steps, porch, lawn furniture, pots, kids outside toys, deck, deck furniture, you name it - I powerwashed it- and my arm is feeling it!
Gave Jane a mani/pedi
Restored (more like cleaned) a new (old) bistro table for our basement.
Eric fixed our outdoor lighting and re-did the timers.
He also totally reorganized the garage and hung the skateboards and longboards high on the wall. No more tripping on them or the danger of Jane trying it for herself.
Visited my Grandpa's grave for Memorial day.
Did my 'round-up' trick on weeds (ahem- morning glory) in the backyard (I'll post about this- it's totally worth sharing!)
And in between all of that, lots of work in small segments here and there.
Took the kids to Cheesecake factory for dinner (YUM!) Yes, Brandon completed 75% of this burrito. That can't be healthy. That thing was half the size of him!
And tonight- work! Until now, as I write this post past 1:20am. One of these days I'll catch up. On life AND on blogging. Meanwhile, after writing it all down, the next time someone asks "What did you do this weekend?" I'll focus on what I DID do, vs. what I didn't do.