Sunday, November 18, 2007

Brandon Singing Himself To Sleep....

I just experienced one of the funniest and cutest moments I've had in a long time. After tucking Brandon in to bed tonight, I went back to his room about 10 minutes later to pick up his dirty clothes. As I walked to his room I heard noises so I stopped because I thought the boys were talking to each other from their rooms and I wanted to eavesdrop. Instead, it was Brandon singing this wonderfully random made-up song as he drifted off to sleep. I quietly ran to get the camera and tip-toed into his room. Can I mention how incredibly hard it was not to laugh uncontrollably? It was so hard keeping my composure because I didn't want to get busted and ruin the whole thing! It was pitch black so all this video has is audio. Turn up your speakers, it's worth it. One day he will hate me for this (when he's 16 and I'm playing it for his first girlfriend) but until then, enjoy a wonderfully random bedtime song courtesy of a sweet and wonderful 7-year old! For your listening pleasure, I transcribed the words because it was so incredibly cute and funny. So here goes, allow me to introduce to you, Brandon Francis, singing "The Whole Entire World." (his own made up song!)

"But, the whole entire world knows and they think I have a smart brain.

But it is not true……

And, I always love my stuff I will never forget them!
But the whole entire world is…… mine and everyone’s.
Even the President’s!
AND!…. the whole entire space.

Even the real, the whole world
Could beeee a better place.

Eveeeennnnn the whole entire world
Could beeeeeee a better place

Half girl side
Half boy side
Half teenager side

Happy…then the whole entire side of the whole world issss fooor everyooooone

BUT….. the whole entire world could be anything that we imagine!
But everythiiiiiing went out right as I planned,

But, the right as I planned was so I could beeee the BEST person in the world!
And… the whole entire world is a whole great place around the whoooooooooole place of the whole entire world.

But, my whole entire room is the only thing I could live without.

But I still love it.
If I didn’t have a room I woooould be cryyyyyiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnng (falling asleep)

Buuuuuut the only place for meeeeeeee is to go is the…………."


The end.
Brandon Francis, 7 years old, 11/18/07