Monday, August 20, 2007

Signing Time at the Zoo!

Jane and Brandon had so much fun watching Signing Time live at the Zoo! Baby Jane was enamored seeing Rachel from afar and even tried finger spelling her name. When Alex and Leah jumped on stage she really got excited! Brandon, Hannah and Palmer were so focused on the performance and were signing and singing everything along with Rachel. We wanted to make sure to get a picture of Jane with Rachel and Hopkins, and were so excited to do that! We stood in the meet and greet line and the closer we got to Rachel the more Jane started to realize she wasn't watching a video. The moment we had been waiting for, Rachel picked up Jane for the picture and what did Jane decide to do?
BE SCARED OF HOPKINS! REALLY SCARED! She cried bloody murder. The only other time I've seen her that scared was the Hippo at Harmon's. I should have known.

Brandon however, thinks Alex is the coolest. All I've heard about since is that Alex new his name (Eric saw Alex and told him Brandon's name and asked for this picture) & how cool his hair was. And if he lives close can he just come over and play someday soon.

The final thought from Brandon tonight, (other than that Llamas are Camels that are flat) was that Lucy is the luckiest girl in the world, because she doesn't need to walk anywhere, and has the coolest wheelchair. He said she is going into 2nd grade too, and said he wishes she was in his class, so they can be friends. He finished by saying it was the most special day of his life today!